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Bap Padel Courts

Heavy series


Top quality finishes , Sturdy finishes
  • Panoramic view with no inner metallic posts
  • Complete structure in powder coated steel
  • Electro-welded wire mesh flush with the glass (no edges)
  • Metallic anchor bolts, as per EU standards
  • Electro-welded mesh is continuous between frames (injury prevention)
  • All screws are grade 8.8
  • Open entrances
  • Wire mesh rests on its entire perimeter on a frame (no glass)
  • Net posts matching the structure
  • Large pillars
  • Corners finished with mci oman covers


Impressive panoramic court especially designed for professional players, maintaining robustness, but emphasizing an unbeatable aesthetic finish and expanding the viewer's vision. It is distributed in:

Panoramic walls built with 116 meters of powder coated tube 80 x 40 x 2 mm around the perimeter of the walls of glasses, both in the width and in the length sides, forming a double tube in the corners of the padel court to stiffen the structure, providing greater safety with a great aesthetic quality. The panoramic walls are anchored to the ground with metallic anchors. Glasses are fixed perimetrically to the structural tube and the glasses are perfectly flush with the mesh, without edges.

14 frames built with 60x30x2mm with total measurements of 1 x 2 meters (installed over the panoramic wall), with 48x48x3mm thick electro-welded wire mesh.

12 metallic frames with 80x40x2mm and 40x40x2mm (in the central 12 metres of each length of the court) with a 48x48x4 mm thick electro-welded wire mesh, reinforced internally with two extra 40x40x2 mm tubes to ensure the long-term stability of the wire mesh

4 pillars designed for lighting to be installed, with special anchor plates, bolted to the structure to prevent shadows. With a crossbrace to support the floodlights.

The four corners of the structure are finished off with corner covers

2 large open entrances in the centre of the court to facilitate players' quick and safe access and exit

Set of top-quality net posts and competition net comprising:

  • Set of net posts, made in square tube with a removable internal tightening mechanism. Reinforced net posts, painted black
  • Competition net made of 3mm knotless polypropylene yarn and 40x40mm mesh. Long-lasting polyester upper strip with a 6 mm plastic- coated galvanized steel cable.

All the metal used to produce the metapc structure of the padel court is carbon steel S235JRH (EN 10219) powder coated; the wire mesh is pre-galvanized.

Technical description: TEMPERED GLASS (EN 12150)

According to the standards of the International Padel Federation for tempered glass 10mm or 12mm thick, with flat polished edge, with perfect planimetry and fully homologated.

18 glasses of 2.995x1.995mm, with 6 countersunk holes, in total 108m2

EPDM rubber joints of the highest quality, with the same thickness as the metal section and 3mm thick, to absorb shock and vibration of the glass against the metal structure.

Anchoring of tempered glass with countersunk screws, protected with UV-resistant nylon covers.

Technical description: 12 PADEL PRO (STANDARD TURF)

The synthetic turf for padel courts with the best comfort and aesthetics.

12 Padel Pro is the official mantle of the FIP (International Padel Federation) used in the highest international competitions.

12 Padel Pro is made up of special 10mm textured polyethene fibres, resistant to fading from UV rays and frost. The high elastic memory ensures an immediate return of the fibres to a vertical position after walking on, ensuring a perfect rebound of the ball and a natural torsion and foot grip.

Its curled structure also guarantees an optimal aesthetic result, covering the presence of the sand infill. 12 Padel Pro is available in 4 colors: blue, red, green and black

Technical description: LED LIGHTING (EN 12193)

LED ultra slim floodlights, 150W of power with high luminosity, high efficiency heatsink, and high-quality driver:
  • Model Pan
  • Power150W
  • Luminous flux22.000 Lm
  • Luminous efficiency140 lm/w
  • Power factor>0,95
  • Color temperature5000K
  • Beam angle60ยบ
  • Lifetime20.000 hours